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  1. Week1 - 2023-Jul-21 - The choice
  2. Week2 - 2023-Jul-31 - Learning React
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Week1 - 2023-Jul-21 - The choice

My mvp should look as follows:

Should I apply any front framework now? Will it bite me after if i don’t? I like minimalism, on the other hand, it’s important to know tools with high hireability. The most popular frameworks are react, angular, vue, svelte, jquery, semantic-ui, backbone.js.

Applying my little script on infojobs

>./search_jobs.sh react angular vue svelte jquery  semantic-ui  backbone.js

react:616 vs angular:421 vs vue:98 vs svelte:1 vs jquery:119 vs semantic-ui:80 vs backbone.js:194
react:1.360  vs angular:2.534  vs vue:558  vs svelte:11  vs jquery:464  vs semantic-ui: vs backbone.js:2

Week2 - 2023-Jul-31 - Learning React

I decided for React, at the same time using next.js. ditching asp?, maybe

The page is hosted here, made with AWS Amplify because why not, it was quite easy to add a CNAME record to my current registrar.


I think I came up with the final behaviour, it should be as follows:

  1. Add base station (at the center of the map)
  2. click to enable movement, can be dragged
  3. click to show the range (which can be modified moving the mouse),
  4. click to go back to step a

This way, the main react component only stores and array of {position:(lat,lon), radius:(meters)} and represents them as <Marker ..., <Draggable Marker or <CircleMarker.... depending on the “mode” based on the click number?


  • Modified the behaviour, click and being able to move it quite better
  • Persistent data storage
  • A list of the positions and ranges is printed at the bottom
  • 150kB on first load… bruh
> npm run build
Route (app)                                Size     First Load JS
┌ ○ /                                      79.6 kB         164 kB
└ ○ /favicon.ico                           0 B                0 B
+ First Load JS shared by all              84.6 kB


Before bed, I wanted to, at least, fetch a base station, ended up learning how useEffect worked. But slept late. At first, I wanted to toggle between marker, area and roads, but having the roads all of the time looks cool. In case i forget, I have to modify this ( count % 3 )

"... and then, all you've coded will be lost, like tears in the rain"